• What is a wiper and do I need to replace it?

    The wiper (also called wiper blade) is a necessity for wiping the rain and stains of the windshield of the car. It is composed of four parts: the wiper blade, the wiper arm, the wiper motor and the link mechanism (see the following figure), mainly through The mechanical movement of the rubber strip and the glass surface for wiping, because the main component of the rubber strip is composed of rubber, the rubber is exposed to the outdoor environment and different temperatures, ozone, ultraviolet rays are aging and wiping wear, so the wiper has a certain service life, which is easy Consumable parts are subject to regular replacement according to the use effect. The industry generally recommends "6 inspections and 1 replacement"

    -----It is recommended that the owner must check and replace after 6 months of use, and must replace it after 1 year of use!

  • What is the difference between boneless wipers and boneless wipers?

    Boneless wipers can be intelligently adjusted by matching the pressure of the spring of the scraper arm and the curved surface of the glass to produce a perfect fit without a fulcrum, which will produce a more excellent wiper effect, and will be pressed down by the built-in spring blade of the boneless wiper. Cushioning effect, longer service life; Bone wiper is fixed by the fulcrum. The rubber strip is easily pressed by the spring pressure of the scraper arm to overwhelm the surface of the strip to produce water marks. However, for models with insufficient compression force of the boneless wiper arm, it is recommended to use the Bone wiper.

  • Can the wipers be replaced by myself?

    Yes, because the wipers are wearing parts, the vehicle design takes into account that the user needs to be easy to remove and install. Although there are many types of wipers on the market, the connection and installation of each wiper and the wiper arm is only fixed by a certain point It is very simple to find the fixed point to disassemble and install.

  • What should be paid attention to when replacing the wiper?

    1. Turn off the car engine before installation, and make sure that the wiper switch is in the complete stop position to avoid intermittent start of the wiper, and to ensure that the wiper arm is above the glass for easy operation;

    2. When raising the scraper arm (some cars need to open the hood or manually adjust to the car maintenance mode, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other imported cars, the specific operation is shown in the figure below), you need to put a towel on the glass surface under the scraper arm to avoid scraping The arm smashed the glass;

    3. Check the connection of the adapter connector after installation to ensure the firmness of the wiper installation.

  • The scraping brush is not clean, there are water marks?

    1. If there is such a situation on the installation of a new wiper, please check whether the glass surface of the car is clean or whether the arc of the car scraper arm is too large, and there is interference with the adapter connector;

    2. After a period of use, because the front windshield is exposed for a long time, the glass will accumulate gravel, impurities, insect stains and other substances. When the wiper scrapes back and forth, these foreign particles will damage or adhere to the edge of the rubber strip, so After scraping for a period of time, the scraping is not clean. Improvement method: you need to wipe the residue on the edge of the rubber strip with wet paper towels regularly or use 1000 grit sandpaper to soak the surface of the rubber strip to wipe the surface, and then use the wiper. Thoroughly cleaning the front glass can improve this situation;

    3. The whole piece is fuzzy and waterline streaks may be not in place during installation, remove and reinstall, to ensure that the wiper blade and the wiper arm should rotate flexibly, or the elastic sheet inside the rubber strip of the wiper blade product deforms, adjusts Improving the shrapnel inside the straight rubber strip or replacing the wiper;

    4. Scraping appears misty. An oily oil film layer is distributed on the windshield with the action of the wiper and the disappearance speed exceeds 10 seconds. It may be that the surface area of the glass and rubber strips presses the dirt. Use a professional cleaner to remove the glass and Dirt or car wax on wiper strips;

    5. The middle is clean when scraping, and the two ends are slightly warped. Because of the problem of the windshield curvature of the co-pilot, the windshield wiper of the co-pilot has 2CM*7CM at the end when the wiper brushes upward from the bottom dead center (the distance the wiper moves upward) The part can not be scratched, and the fact that there is no contact with the glass surface is tolerable (because the owner cannot see this area in the cab and does not affect safe driving).

  • Is there any abnormal noise from the wiper?

    1. When car washing, the car washing agent contains car wax, which will produce abnormal noise;

    2. Car exhaust or parking in places such as catering that will produce oil stains will produce abnormal noise;

    3. Automobile glass coating makes the glass surface dry and will produce abnormal noise;

    4. After using the car scraper arm for several years (especially for 3-5 years), the scraper arm will be slightly deformed, and the inclined surface that is not at a 90-degree angle to the glass surface after the wiper is installed will produce abnormal noise or jump. It can be improved by adjusting the professional tool with the scraper arm or correcting the scraper with a wrench. For example, when scraping, it is not clean up and clean down. Slightly adjust the scraper clockwise (the right side of the scraper arm starts to adjust). Scrape up and clean, not clean down, and slightly adjust the scraper arm counterclockwise (the left side of the scraper arm starts to adjust);

    5. Check whether the wiper scraped to the lowest position collides with the plastic of the outer air inlet of the car;

    6. Check the linkage mechanism under the wiper. The deformation of this mechanism or the influence of the motor, gap relay, etc. (such as too fast or too slow or non-stop operation) may cause it to emit abnormal noise, and because of the increase in use time, Deformation of its own structure, card issuance, abnormal operation caused by rust, etc., all of which may cause "abnormal sound";

    7. Check the motor part of the wiper. Poor operating conditions of the motor or the external line voltage can cause abnormal rotation or make a sound. If the voltage is less than the operating voltage, in addition to the control part of the relay, it can also cause it Abnormal working conditions or the possibility of abnormal noise.

  • When scraping, the middle part can not be scraped, there is dew phenomenon, the middle part can not fit the windshield?

    1. The pressure of the wiper arm is insufficient. Replace the wiper arm or select a shorter size wiper;

    2. The problem of the wiper itself (the shroud arc is too large or the installed size does not match the size required by the vehicle). Replace the wiper and choose a suitable size wiper.

  • Does it bounce when scraping?

    1. The windshield is not clean: there may be dirt such as oil and wax. Use professional glass water or decontamination to thoroughly clean the glass to remove invisible attachments and oil stains on the surface;

    2. Beating after a period of use, frequent work under abnormal conditions (such as dry scraping) results in large-scale damage to the rubber strip and replace the wiper;

    3. The clearance between the wiper and the wiper arm is loose to replace the wiper or wiper arm;

    4. The gap of the output shaft of the wiper arm is loose. Replace the wiper arm or link mechanism.

  • How to maintain wiper blades?

    1. When using a wiper to remove debris on the glass surface on a sunny day, lift the product for cleaning, and spray glass water without dry scraping;

    2. There are other stubborn and hard dirt on the glass, which should be removed by hand. These foreign objects can easily damage the wiper blade rubber strips, resulting in the wiper not being clean when scraped;

    3. Car wash and daily cleaning need to wipe the residue of the wiper strip with wet paper towels at the same time. When lifting the wiper blade, you need to hold the middle part of the wiper and the scraper arm. After cleaning, then gently return it to the scraper arm. It rebounds with force;

    4. When using it in winter, it is found that there is ice on the glass surface. Use tools or hot water to remove the ice slag on the glass surface, and wipe the small ice cubes on the glass surface with a towel to avoid damaging the rubber strip of the wiper blade.