Super silicone blade with PRT4 Technology

1.Exclusive formulation with water-repellent element beads water so scoop designcan clear it away at all driving speeds, ensuring greater visibility.

2.Premium silicone elastomer offers high lubricity to reduce wiping noise and chatter while extremely improving resistance to abrasion, ozone, UV, acid rain and road salt in inclement weather and prolong blade life.

3.better struture

NECK: provides blade flip-over flexibility

LIP:supports edge to keep it in tight contact with the windshield to eliminate jumping or spotting.EDGE:The optimum contact points maintain proper blade contact with the windshield. The wiper blade assembly is thus designed to prevent judder, chatter, noise and streaks .

Standard for Rubber Test:

JIS D 0202, JIS D 0205, JIS D 5710, JIS Z 2371, JIS Z 8741, CNS 10018, and GBT 9286-1998.

Standard for Wiper Length: ISO 9258 .