All incoming materials are strictly inspected by well trained IQC team before going into our clearly labeled and “FIFO” managed warehouse.

Combining our 10 years expertise in rubber ingredient with the most advanced Japanese technology to develop and produce on rubber blade.

IPQC inspection on metallic frames in every two hours.

400 meters painting line equipped with automatic heat-circulation system which assures stable painting temperature.

Arranging dried metallic frames into plastic trays.

Mark printing on main frame.

Glossary ,thickness and pencil hardness of powder coating measured by IPQC.

Four assembling lines has the production capacity of 800000 pieces annually.

On-site inspection on visual of wiper blades and dimension of yokes by applying simple and effective fixtures to prevent deforming yokes flowing to next work station.

Inspection on straightness of yokes before packaging.

Final inspection on finished products by FQC before shipment to assure delivery of good quality products to our customers all over the world.

computer-controlled spring machine。

computer-controlled plastic machine

performance and life test machine